Cremation Boxes


cremation box

Cremation Box for Ashes

The term “cremation boxes” may cover a few types of cremation items.

1.  A top opening box-shaped urn that holds ashes of our loved ones directly inside. (Most common)

2.  A box cardboard box that the cremation takes place in.

3.  An urn vault container that holds a cremation urn.

We will be discussing number 1.  Numbers 2 and 3 are rarely considered cremation boxes, but I had to mention this in case ran across the other products when searching for cremation boxes.

There are several materials that cremation boxes are typically made from. The most common is wood. You can choose from simple sleek wood cremation boxes, ornate carved or rustic wood boxes for holding ashes.  Leather cremation boxes give a sophisticated, more masculine look for very little money.

If you are looking for a biodegradable alternative, eco-friendly cremation boxes are made from cardboard or paper that will break down over time in the elements. They come in different colors and shapes such as hearts, starts or seashells.

Searching the web I have seen some beautiful stained glass cremation boxes. Since some may be somewhat see through in places, they can come with an insert for the ashes to be placed in.

The look typically is rectangular in shape and open from the top. This allows for easy insertion of the ashes and the ability to add personal mementos various tokens to the box. This is probably the best reason to purchase a cremation box as opposed to any other cremation urns. Most cremation urns open from the bottom which limits what you can put in the urn with the ashes. A cremation box allows you to place larger items in the box and keep them intact.

Pricing for cremation boxes varies somewhat depending on the material, but generally speaking they are relatively inexpensive. Adult size Biodegradable cremation boxes range from approximately $80.00 – $130.00, leather boxes sell for about $100.00, stained glass $170.00 and wood from $160.00 – $260.00.

Cremation boxes do not have to be used solely for adults, they may also be used for youth and children. They are a popular choice for people who lost someone young and want to add several mementos.



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